What is LaserTask?

LaserTask is an all-in-one business application for service businesses. It helps run an entire business from Marketing through to Invoicing and everything in between.

Why Choose LaserTask?

LaserTask is a fantastic all-in-one business application. Rather than learn, maintain and pay for multiple programs – LaserTask does it all.

When was LaserTask first released?

LaserTask started out life as a system for managing an IT Consultancy business. The first version was released in 1998 for internal use only and has evolved ever since. It was first available for Beta testing by other companies in 2017.

How is LaserTask licensed?

LaserTask is licensed per staff member per month and scales with your business. As your business grows or shrinks so does LaserTask.

Can I transfer my data into LaserTask?

Yes, we have expert consultants who can help you do that. Because data import is a tricky process we recommend that you employ one of our team to do it for you. Please contact us for a quote.

How is LaserTask related to other CRM systems?

LaserTask was developed because there is no other CRM system available that also manages the other business workflows like email marketing, quoting, job management, ticket or help desks, stock management and invoicing all in one package.